3PLY Filter Gaiter - World Vision | Grey

  • $29.99

With the support of your purchase of this mask, a portion of the proceeds will go directly to World Vision Canada and their focus on helping the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and experience fullness of life. Together we can protect children today, and empower them for tomorrow.

For more information please visit World Vision Canada


The medATAC Neck Gaiter is reusable and features a 3-layer 99% PFE certified non-woven polypropylene filter which meets the ASTM Level 3 surgical test standard. Ergonomic neck wear designed to be comfortable all day and ensuring maximum protection during all your outdoor activities.

Material Specs: 

  • Certified 3-layer ASTM Level 3 test standard filtration system. 
  • Outer layer woven polyester
  • Mid layer non-woven melt blown polypropylene filter with a 99.85% PFE rating
  • Soft inner next to skin woven polyester comfort layer
  • Pliable nose clip 
  • Machine Washable
  • Designed to provide warmth and comfort. 


  • Adult M/L: 14”H X 9”W
  • Small XS/S: 14”H X 7.5”W

 Please note that our masks are not designed as a replacement for N95, surgical or medical grade masks.

Due to the nature of the product this mask is excluded from our returns policy.