Each pair of shorts in our collection is designed to meet the needs of different riders, and the demands of different terrain.

Look inside an ATAC Lycra short, and you’ll see either the RPS Performance or RPS Carbon Skyve chamois — strange names, great pads. They both do the same job, but excel in slightly different areas.

RPS Performance Chamois

RPS Performance chamois is our model of choice for long, repeat days in the saddle. Designed with form and function that invites cooling airflow where it matters, RPS Performance lays out mile after mile of plush comfort, bouncing back from even the toughest days to provide resilient, repeat-ride support throughout the season.

RPS Carbon Skyve

The RPS Carbon Skyve is a slim profile chamois that excels on fast, hot rides where maximum breathability matters more than outright endurance. But don’t let its focus on speed over distance fool you — RPS Carbon Skyve can do the big days. But if you’re riding back to-backs and value support over anything else, take a look at RPS Performance.


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