3PLY Filter Gaiter - Glacier Reflections | JB Collection

  • $29.99


The medATAC Neck Gaiter is reusable and features a 3-layer 99% PFE certified non-woven polypropylene filter which meets the ASTM Level 3 test standard. Ergonomic neck wear designed to be comfortable all day and ensuring maximum protection during all your outdoor activities.

Material Specs: 

  • Certified 3-layer ASTM Level 3 test standard filtration system. 
  • Outer layer woven polyester
  • Mid layer non-woven melt blown polypropylene filter with a 99.85% PFE rating
  • Soft inner next to skin woven polyester comfort layer
  • Pliable nose clip 
  • Machine Washable
  • Designed to provide warmth and comfort. 


  • Adult